What we do

The focus of Hattiesburg Performing Arts, Inc. is to reach out to under-privileged children and senior citizens in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. Our mission is to provide low to no cost dance lessons to senior citizens and children with focus on people with special needs. 


Kelly Vuyovich, founder and president of Hattiesburg Performing Arts, Inc., has been teaching ballroom and Latin dance for over 39 years. He takes time each week to travel to different senior citizen homes to share music and movement through dance with them.


There are countless articles  and web-sites explaining the healthy benefits of dancing. Among mind-stimulating activities, dancing is unique in that it also provides beneficial physical exercise, a fun form of weight management and improved general and psychological well being.


Families of those with autism, for example, are constantly seeking alternative ways to support their children. Dance/movement therapy is one approach that is gaining more attention for its unique capacity to work directly with the core deficits of autism, according to Dance/Movement and Autism - Psychology Today.